Leadership Consulting

Our Leadership Consulting service is for those very specific needs or on-off situations when only a bespoke solution will deliver what you need.

Typically we work with a leadership team, a group of leaders, or a defined population within the organisation to facilitate change and resolution through workshops, coaching, or a combination of the two. It all depends on where you want to get to and where you’re starting from.

Results achieved by previous clients include: cultural change, increasing team performance, resolving conflict, rapid team cohesion, identifying new ways of working together, preparation for a new challenge and leading through a transition.

What to expect

First, we‘ll take time to understand your needs fully and be clear about the results you want
We’ll help you get to the nub of the issue, diagnosing first rather than assuming the solution.
We’ll develop an approach to be delivered in a way that works best for you, your people and your organisation.
Whilst your bespoke solution will be prepared specifically for you, where appropriate we will draw on existing proven material to save you money and time.

Case Studies

Significant Performance Improvement for Leadership Team

Through a series of workshops interspersed with 1:1 coaching the team members developed a greater understanding of themselves and each other resulting in: new methods of working, improved communication, increased focus and motivation, strengthened relationships, quicker decision-taking and conflict resolution, and a higher degree of personal and collective ownership.

The step-change in the team’s performance had a notable impact on the organisation and the team’s business partners.

Inspiring Leadership in Times of Change and Adversity

We were asked to prepare directors for the challenge of leading a global restructure.

Based on evidence that leaders with higher emotional intelligence (EQ) are more effective at motivating and reassuring staff during times of change this event equipped the directors with their personal EQ profile, as well as tools and frameworks for leading their people through the restructure.

Attention was paid to effective communication, diagnosing team dynamics, what to anticipate, approaches for leading new or destabilised teams, as well as strategies for maintaining their own well-being as leaders.

We can help you achieve similarly successful results.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.


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